MX-AIR - Audio Video Switcher



MX-AIR has been designed to cope with all your needs of mixing video and audio. Housed in a robust and compact frame, it can process embedded or AES/EBU audio and 4:3 or 16:9 video SDI.

Flexible and powerful, several DSK’s and logo generators can be fitted. MX-AIR is easy to operate from its own dedicated remote control panel or directly attached to an automation.

Serial Component Digital Inputs and Outputs Standards: SMPTE 259M-C, 525 or 625 lines
Ancillary Data: Passed or blanked
EDH replaced
1ME, 1Key, 1Dsk, 1 FTB, 3 optional DSK or Logo Generator
Inputs 6 standard SDI inputs (Auto phasing 1 line) + color background
3 External Fill and Key inputs (Optional Inputs)
2 AES/EBU audio Inputs Embedder (48khz AES3)
1 Logo generator (optional)
Outputs 2 PGM SDI outputs (1 with Bypass to input 1)
1 Aux. SDI output
1 Clean Feed SDI output
1 PVW SDI output or analogue Pal Ntsc
4 AES/EBU audio Outputs De-embedder (48khz AES3)
Reference input NTSC/PAL composite Black Burst
300mV ± 6 dB
Connectors BNC 75 ohms
1 ME, 2 Audio Over, 1 Mute
Inputs 6 x 2 AES/EBU Inputs 110 ohms (AES 3 - 1992)
Audio inputs can be connected to video de-embedded either used separately
2 Audio Over
Outputs 1 PGM output (2 AES/EBU)
Audio outputs can be embedded into the video or used independently
1 Aux. output (2 AES/EBU)
1 Clean output (2 AES/EBU)
1 Monitor output (2 AES/EBU)
1 Headphone output (1 AES/EBU)
Reference Video Black Burst or AES/EBU (Input 1)
Connectors 25 Pin D Sub
Serial remote control RS422/232 9 Pin D sub
Grass Valley M2100 Protocol
Ethernet remote control 10 Base T RJ45
Grass Valley M2100 compatible protocol
Tally 8 outputs (open collector) 25 Pin D sub
Panel 9 Pin D sub
Rack Frame Dimensions: 2Ux 484 x 440 mm
Weight: 10Kg
Control Panel Dimensions: 6Ux 484 x 110 mm
Weight: 12Kg
MX-AUD 8 inputs, AES Audio Switcher
1 ME, 2 Voice Over, 1 Mute
Each input incudes 2 AES or 4 MONO Channel
6 AES outputs: 2 PGM, 1 Monitor, 1 Headphone monitor, 1 Clean Feed, 1 AUX.
MX-DSK2000 Downstream Keyer
MX-LG50DK Logo generator
MX-MCP Master Control Panel
MX-PW60 Control Panel Redundant power supply
MX-PW130 Rack Frame Redundant power supply