ACCESS - IP / Internet Digital Audio Codec

The ACCESS Rackmount and Portable units use the latest audio algorithms and AAC codecs - including the remarkable AAC-ELD - to deliver low-delay, high-quality mono or stereo audio over the public internet and other IP networks. Compatible with a wide variety of IP, POTS and GSM codecs, they can be used with Ethernet and POTS or wireless connections such as WiFi, 4G and 3G mobile data and BGAN/VSAT satellite services.

ACCESS HotSwitch - IP Audio Switcher

HotSwitch is an application for Microsoft Windows which provides advanced control capabilities for the Comrex ACCESS family of IP audio codecs. It allows a single codec to send audio to multiple remote codecs, hot-switching the live return audio feed between the remote units. HotSwitch is ideal for radio stations which need to accept live contributions from a number of reporters in the field in a short space of time (for example sports results roundups).

ACCESS NX - The Future of IP Audio Transmission

Designed from the ground up as a platform for CrossLock, our sophisticated custom reliability layer, ACCESS NX is the next step in innovative portable broadcasting.

LiveShot - Live Low-Latency HD Video Over IP

LiveShot is an ultra-low latency 3G/4G/WiFi/Ethernet HD/SD Video Codec, using H.264 HIGH Profile and AAC-ELD for very low-delay / high quality video and audio. Its store-and-forward capability coupled with its comprehensive control make it ideal for live news, sports and outside broadcasts.

Matrix - 15kHz ISDN, PSTN and GSM Digital Audio Codec

The Comrex Matrix provides both ISDN and PSTN full duplex links of 15kHz, and interfaces to the cellular network to provide enhanced audio quality via a mobile phone connection. Fully compatible with all modes of the Vector and HotLine PSTN codecs, the Matrix provides a two-channel audio input mixer with additional tape input, comprehensive call handling and automatic interfacing to Matrix, Vector and HotLine codecs.

Portable Power G+ - Rechargeable battery packs

Vortex portable power solutions are the ideal partner for our established range of outside broadcast equipment and codecs. They come in a range of capacities offering numerous output voltages to power ancillary equipment like the V3X Intelligent 3G Booster, mixers, recorders, laptops and phones for a truly mobile solution.

VX-2039 - Dual ISDN 4-Wire Audio Adaper

The VX-2039 4-Wire Adapter for ISDN provides two independent true 4-wire circuits on a single ISDN-2 service similar to a dual-channel hybrid and accepts PSTN calls delivered over ISDN