V4X - Intelligent 3G/4G Antenna

V4X-PRO Intelligent 4G Antenna


The V4X Intelligent 3G/4G Antenna is the ideal partner for any device that needs to stream audio or video using a 3G/4G mobile connection. Using a patented intelligent multi-beam antenna array, V4X extends the range and throughput of a 3G/4G mobile network's data connectivity, bringing stable connection speeds of typically 2Mbps in most 3G/4G locations without difficulty. Compared with the small aerials built into 3G/4G dongles and PC cards, the V4X provides some 20dB additional gain with excellent stability.

The 3G/4G SIM is plugged into the unit which scans the airwaves with its multi-beam array to check available signal strengths and available download speeds - so important in streaming applications such as audio/video codecs - and selects the link which provides the best available connection (not necessarily the closest base station), with LED indicators providing status. Once connected, it continues to monitor the quality of the other links to maintain the best possible connection with the 3G/4G network.

V4X Intelligent 3G/4G Antenna

The V4X acts as an everyday router and devices are then connected using a WiFi or Ethernet connection, allowing the optimum siting of the V4X for 3G/4G reception whilst still providing excellent connectivity for the rest of the network.

Tests using V4X to connect to 3G/4G with an ACCESS-IP Audio Codec in places where 3G/4G coverage is marginal and reception poor have proved the remarkable capabilities of this combination for outside broadcast use; indeed they are in daily use for news, current affairs and sports coverage in places where only ISDN would have been considered before.

For the best connection - and the best chance using 3G/4G especially in places with marginal coverage - site the V4X close to a window, or mount the V4X-PRO waterproof version outdoors. V4X takes care of the 3G/4G connection to provide internet connectivity and you connect to it in the same way you would to a typical ADSL modem/router using WiFi or an Ethernet cable. As well as WiFi b/g/n capability, the V4X also offers n-WiFi that can provide reliable connectivity up to about 60m indoors / 200m outdoors as you move about with your ACCESS or other IP codec or connected device.

The V4X package includes the Intelligent 3G/4G Antenna assembly, mains power supply and car power adapter. The IP65 V4X-PRO version is housed in a powder-coated metal base with 25mm/1" pole-mounting collar and ABS UV-stabilised weatherproof enclosure. There is a single connection for power and Ethernet and both mains and low-voltage adapters are available.

V4X Intelligent 3G/4G Antenna Synoptic

V4X Antennas


3G/4G Antenna
Frequency Range 1.710 - 2.170GHz
Polarization Linear (vertical)
Number of Beams 4
3dB beamwidth >20dB per beam (relative to a typical USB 3G dongle)
Horizontal 3dB Beamwidth 90 degrees (±5°) per beam
Vertical 3dB Beamwidth 60 degrees (±5°) per beam
Isolation >25dB
Front-to-Back Ratio >20dB
3G/4G Data Link
Technical Standard LTE/HSPA/UMTS - 3GPP
Operating Frequency B3, B1
Maximum Transmission Rates LTE (download) 150mbps
LTE (upload) 50Mbps
HSDPA - 21Mbps (categories 1-14)
HSUPA - 5.76Mbps (categories 1-6)
Security EAP-SIM support
Power Class 3 (+24dBm)
WiFi and LAN
WiFi Connectivity IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
Security WPA/WPA2
64/128-bit WEP encryption
MAC address IP filtering
Quality of Service (QoS) WiFi multi-media (WMM)
Priority queue
Bandwidth allocation
Cabled LAN 2x RJ45 10/100-BaseT connectors (V3X)
1x RJ45 10/100-BaseT connector (V3X-PRO)
In-Built Router DHCP server
Static routing table
Statically assigned IP addresses
VPN passthrough
SPI (stateful packet inspection)
MAC/IP port filtering
Virtual server mapping
IP address mapping
Port forwarding
DMZ (demilitarized zone)
DDNS (dynamic DNS)
Control Interface
Configuration Web-based (HTTP) via Ethernet port or WiFi
Automatic APN selection by SIM network detection
Upgrade User-initiated router upgrade
Power Supply (V4X Only)
External plug-top power supply (included) 93-250VAC / 6VDC at 1A
Physical (V4X)
Power Requirement < 5W at 6V DC
Power Connection Low-Voltage coaxial connector
Network Data Connection 2x Ethernet RJ45 for UTP
Connector Positions Rear of unit
3G/4G SIM Plugs into top of unit
Positioning Flat surface, standing vertically
Dimensions 182mm x 130mm diameter (approx)
Weight 0.5kg approx
Operating Temperature Range -10 to +45°C (with solar loading up to 1120W/m2)
(allows unit to be located in direct sunlight behind glass)
Ingress Protection N/A
Physical (V4X-PRO)
Power Requirement < 5W at 8-18V DC (12V nominal)
Power / Network Connection Waterproof locking RJ45 connector for Ethernet and power
Connector Position Base of unit
3G/4G SIM Plugs into top of unit after removing cover
Mounting Pole mount
25mm (1") pole-mounting collar
Dimensions 210mm (without collar) / 230mm (with collar) x 155mm diameter (tapering)(approx)
Weight 0.9kg approx
Operating Temperature Range -10 to +40°C (with solar loading up to 1120W/m2)
(allows unit to be located in direct sunlight)
Ingress Protection IP65
V4X 12V car power adaptor
V4X-PRO Weatherproof cable (5m)

Power/Network Adapter 10-18VDC with integral mains power supply / RJ45 for network

Power/Network Adapter with low-voltage coaxial connection / RJ45 for network